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Testimonials 1

I’m suffering from PCOD. Like all other’s I thought it would remain uncured but since the time I got in touch with sir and the treatment started I observed a drastic change within me. May it be the heat problem, skin problem they made me optimistic and I really thank you for this sir….

Sakshi Kirtane

One of the finest doctor’s i ever met…a very good human being more than a doctor. He is very simple and gentle in his behavior. He will give sufficient time so We can freely interact with him.
We are very grateful to you Thankyou sir and Madam

vikas patil review
Vikas Patil

I had a hyper Acidity problem, and tiredness too, then I heared about Lodha Hospital, i met to doctor hence my treatment started, now acidity and tiredness problem has been cured 100%

Harshal Jadhav

My Mom has been suffering from from acute indigestion and Pith for some years , we visited multiple clinics and doactors , but no avail.
But things started changing when we visited Dr Lodha. Even during COVID, they helped my mom recover from her illness and she is now fit as a horse.
Totally recommend Dr. Lodha Ayurvedic treatment for their personalised care and service.

anand review
Anand S Jain

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