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About Us

We provide all ayurvedic treatments under one roof, includes out door patients, indoor patients, panchakarma treatments, aushadhi (medicine preparation) nirman, Yoga and aerobic health club,garbha sanskar, suvernaprashan,  research center , diet / lifestyle management etc.

Dr Lodha’s Ayurved is an Ayurvedic Hospital located in the heart of the city Nashik & Manmad, founded by eminent ayurvedic physician ‘Dr. Mohit Lodha (MD Ayurved) & ‘Dr Ruta Lodha(MD Ayurved)

Here we provide ayurvedic treatments to all chronic diseases. Well Equipped hospital which provide Authentic ayurvedic treatments for all diseases.

Dr. Mohit Lodha completed his Master’s degree of Ayurveda from MUHS Government Ayurved College and was attached to Kolhatkar Tradition of ayurved from Pune and many more vaidya has grace him with knowledge of ayurved.

Why Us

Why Ayurveda

Ayurveda aims at curing diseases from its roots in a natural way, without any side effects. It is a constructive therapy where body systems corrected & strengthened for proper functioning thus making the journey of life healthy.

Our Vision

To combine ancient ayurvedic medical sciences with modern day technologies for better health facilities, thus making the next generation healthier the Ayurvedic way.

Our Goal

Implementing the ancient ayurvedic medical Science

  • To maintain the health of the society
  • To heal the sick

Our Specialists AyurvedacharyaOur top-rated doctors are committed to providing personalized care and building strong relationships with their patients to achieve optimal health and wellness.

Dr Mohit LodhaMD Ayurved
25 year of combined experienced doctor, an expert in comprehensive Ayurvedic care to our patients

Dr Ruta LodhaMD Ayurved
Dr Ruta Lodha trained in Emergency Medical Management, Marma Therapy, Ayurveda Diet and Clinical...


Ayurvedic Treatment

No two individuals are alike and therefore treatment cannot
be generalized for all. At DR Lodha examines the
patient & disease with an aim to diagnose the root cause and
offer completely personalized treatment.